Monday, June 16, 2008

Ruby & Bob Barker Celebrate her First Anniversary at PAWS

On May 15, 2008, Ruby celebrated the first anniversary of her transition to PAWS from the LA Zoo. Ruby's staunch benefactor, the wonderful Bob Barker, visited PAWS and brought Ruby a cake to commemorate the festivities.

See video of Bob Barker's visit, as well as Ruby's overall transition, in the most recent PAWScast video update.

And this just in: the Animal Planet series "My New Wild Life," featuring PAWS, has been slated to air daily starting June 30 at 3pm! Check the Animal Planet website for details!


  1. Happy Anniversary Ruby!
    You are fortunate in having such great friends as Bob, Pat, Ed and the great staff at PAWS.
    I'm so glad that little Lulu has her own special friend.

  2. I just went up to the Elephant Grape Stomp on October 17th and it was so fun. I'm so glad that Pat Derby and Ed Stewart and Bob Barker are there for the elephants, the tigers and the bears. Thank God for Paws because I don't know where they would go. Let's make parents aware to not take their kids to the circus so they will end up having fun and being at peace at PAWS.


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